Audiences Respond to Mark on Stage

We saw Mark's Gospel, simply was captivating. We brought our two kids, (8 and 10), they sat still the entire time listening and watching.

Portraying scenes that are by turns compelling, maddening and hilarious, McLean humanizes what can so easily be dismissed as words on a page. And he does it with such ease that you may be apt to forget that it's one man on stage, transforming himself, often in rapid-fire fashion, from one character to another.

I have never seen the word of God enacted with such passion and power coming from one man! You will get lost in the word and in Max's performance!

A must see! My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the show as Max McLean made the Gospel come alive.
--Aaron P

After seeing Max in The Screwtape Letters and now in Marks Gospel the greatest thing we can say is, "Thanks Max." Your performances were outstanding and delightful, leaving us with memories we can cherish and Gospel scenes we will now be able to carry with us as we continue to read His word. You are truly blessed with an awesome talent. May God continue to bless your performances.

This was a very powerful performance. You got the impression that McLean has been preparing this his entire career. Thank you, Max, for bringing Christ's message to real life.
--Jeff Foster

I really loved the show, and Max just blows me away with his talent. I did not leave the theatre the same way that I came in . . . hard to describe, but I left knowing that there is so much more to Jesus, and much more to love about Him.

As a reporter for a cable station, I have unique opportunities to see a lot of live theatre. Recentl,y I have seen two productions at the Mercury Theatre, C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters and Mark's Gospel. Max McLean is phenomenal.

We loved the play, and our souls were very encouraged by it.
--Jeff and Aubrey

I was lost in the play. I was truly inside the story. That's an experience I just can't get reading the Gospels or listening to sermons. It should be on stage.